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 Fantasy Baseball
Posted by Omar Tucan - 03-10-17 16:50 - 0 comments
Hello my friends, glad to be here as always.

I have great feelings with our team this year. Gausman and Bundy will be the guys we are al have been waiting for.

I am starting a fantasy league, I would love to have many of you pl ...read more
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 Is the party over?
Posted by Skipjack - 03-3-17 12:36 - 8 comments
"Turn out the lights
The party's over
They say that
All good thing must end."

Willie Nelson

I'll get the lights...
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Posted by Sluggo - 12-23-16 14:25 - 1 comments
We'll only get to hear Gary utter the word but 6 times a year. Better hope we meet the Indians in the playoffs.
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 Should Team Look Into Trading Machado?
Posted by Milto - 12-1-16 00:34 - 5 comments


Without much thought, pay him
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 Orioles Playoff Scenarios
Posted by Milto - 10-2-16 18:55 - 8 comments

Orioles Playoff Scenarios Heading Into Game 162
October 2, 2016

It's down to the Orioles, Blue Jays, and Tigers for the two Wild Card spots heading into Sunday's action. Here are scenarios for the Orioles ...read more
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 Orioles Can't be winning--bad run differential
Posted by szekely - 09-15-16 02:01 - 2 comments
Hey friends. Couple years ago, our Os sucked in the run differential category. It was so bad, MLB ruled they could not play in the post season.
We will apparently have to expect that type ruling again this year.
Gausman for MVP.
U ...read more
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 Thank-You of the Day goes to...
Posted by Milto - 08-16-16 03:42 - 4 comments

The Yankees for handing the Jays a loss. While leaving 14 stranded, and going 2 for 18 with ducks on the pond, they managed a 1-0 victory.

Unfortunately, the Indians couldn't get past the Sox as we had hoped, but we host ...read more
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 Os loss last night--I'm in the pic
Posted by szekely - 08-10-16 15:25 - 9 comments
The game was dreadful. But Adam Jones went yard and I could have caught the bomb but chose not to run over that nice family in my way. Tall figure, light grey hoodie, white Os cap, tan shorts.
At least an Os fan came up with it.
What i ...read more
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 Bashing Bahston
Posted by Milto - 06-29-16 22:56 - 7 comments

This is a fun reading!

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 The season no one remembers
Posted by Career200 - 05-18-16 22:14 - 3 comments
When I was 5 years old, I used to tell people Reggie Jackson was my favorite ballplayer. And he was. I insisted on wearing #44, his number with the Yankees. Ironically, being an O's fan and a Reggie fan, I have no living memory of Reggie' ...read more
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